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Thai Marine World
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Thailand has one of the most beautiful and abundant marine worlds and animals due to the fact that Thailand has long coastlines in the shape of an axe extending into the Malay Peninsular, dividing the coastlines into two: the eastern coastline or the Gulf of Thailand which links with the Pacific Ocean and the western coastline or the Andaman Sea which links with the Indian Ocean.

A group of fish and soft coral

Thai waters are abundant food sources and important routes for transporting cargos as well as transferring cultures since the old day. Thai sea acts like a big open gate, accepting richness of the sea brought along by the north eastern monsoon to the Gulf of Thailand and by the south western monsoon from Andaman sea into the southern and western parts of Thailand.

Thailand becomes a tourism attraction where visitors who love the sea,divers and travelers from all over the world come to enjoy the bright sun shine, white sandy beaches, clear and sparking sea water and the rich undersea world.

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